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Turkcell – Largest Mobile Communication Operator in Turkey and in the region and one of the largest in the world with more than 35 million subscribers.
Astelit – New entrant Mobile Communications Operator in Ukraine. Has the aim to be the most prefered operator. Has around 4 million subscribers.
Inteltek – The only licence holder and legal “sports betting company” in Turkey. The best known brand is “Iddaa”. We have been doing Management Consulting since day one.
Ericsson Turkey – The largest Telecom Infrastructure company of Turkey. Their main customers are Turkcell, AVEA and Turk Telekom.
Ericsson Israel – One of the leading Telecom infrastructure companies in Israel.
Global Bilgi - The largest Call Center in the region.
KKTCELL – The leading GSM operator in Northern Cyprus. They have grown from 30 % market share to 75 % market share in the last 10 years.
The Life Company – A start-up business aimed at improving quality of life of people, especially living in a highly stressful city and corporate environment.
Expekt.com – An on-line gaming company that has a wide international presence and one of the global leaders.
Tellcom – Is one of the leading companies in providing Long Distance Telephony Services in Turkey. We have been involved in the Corporate and Organizational Development stages during the start up and inital operational period of the company. This included recruitment of the Management Team of the company.
Özyaþar is the leading galvanized wire producing and marketing company of Turkey. We have executed a Project to restructure the fast-growing family-owned company to a more Professional organization.
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